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Name:KHR! dressing room.
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There's been a sudden influx of Dressing Room communities lately, so why not have one for the Katekyo Hitman REBORN! fandom too? With the size of the fandom, and the animanga's growing popularity, there's bound to be loads of talented roleplayers out there, right? So here you go: a place where all your KHR muses (doesn't matter what rp-verse they come from or if they're not part of any roleplays) can spam the hell out of the community without having to apply for them.

That said, feel free to bring in any plots you want to roleplay out but couldn't anywhere else. No one's going to stop you from doing what you want to do because in here, it's all about what you want to see, so make it happen! Who knows? Maybe you'll find yourself with new roleplay buddies and a whole lot more friends. ♥


PLAY NICE. No one really wants their fun to be ruined by anyone, so respect this rule & we'll all get along. Besides, what's roleplay without the fun, right? But for the clueless, this basically means NO WANK and NO DRAMA. Keep it out. We don't want any.

BASIC RP CONDUCT. All the basic regulations of roleplay conduct apply here. That means there will be no tolerance for any of these: godmodding (being all powerful and invincible), powerplaying (controlling another character without the mun's consent), blatant plagiarism (don't you even dare), ooc drama (it's not welcome here, as previously stated, so keep it out), and disrespect (we only allow peace and love).

OOC DISCUSSION. Try to stay in-character (as in, in roleplay mode) as much as possible while here. Any plot/manga/anime/anything ooc discussions should be taken somewhere else.

ALTERNATE VERSIONS. There are going to be a lot of people playing the same character -- and maybe even AU!versions of them too. So don't freak out if there are suddenly twenty Gokudera's hounding after your Tsuna! (Just let Tsuna do the freaking out for you. ♥) It's also not in your place to tell ANYONE that they're not playing the character correctly, because hey, refer to rule #1. We're here to have fun.

BANNED TO THE EXTREME. This community exists for everyone's pleasure and entertainment, so anyone that tries to disrupt that will get banned faster than they can regret it. So all you trolls and haters out there? Big Brother Ryohei is watching you.

RATING. G, PG, R, XXX, whatever -- it's the Dressing Room, right? Just keep everything labelled if you want to go down that way & lock the post. That's all we ask.

all coding & info courtesy of [personal profile] dino ♥!
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