[ hello? hello, is anybody there? is this dressing room empty? is this okay, am I allowed in here? hello?

anyway, heeeey, dressing room. what's up?

this little douchnozzle is sitting up SOMEWHERE
 FAIRLY HIGH UP and throwing paper airplanes down from where he's perched. the process goes something like this; he grabs a sheet from the small stack of paper next to him, clumsily folds it into another paper fuckin' airplane, smiles a little bit, and then aims it downward to smack into the heads of whoever's below him at the time. if their reaction is prime entertainment value, he'll even laugh like a little brat.

why is he doing this, you ask?

because: he can't find his Dad, he's bored as fuck, and the heck why not? ]


Joyful Wine (& grape juice) Meme!

Your characters are offered wine (or grape juice if under aged or absolutist)! They are from Naito Longchamp. That eccentric guy who have a lot of girlfriends, yeah. What's that? You don't know him? Doesn't matter. It's free and appear harmless, so why don't you take a sip?

Anyway, turned out that someone actually put stuffs in them. So it has gotten out of hand. Badly. Drinking wine can have the most... interesting results.

So, rules are as follows:

1. Post with your characters.
2. Others will comment with a randomized wine/juice colour. Available colours are
1. deep red, 2. red, 3. white, 4. flaming, 5. purple, 6.blue, 7.pink & 8. rainbow

3. The character is now under the effect of wine they randomized. You can either pick your character to be under the effect of same wine, or randomize your own.

Click for the effects! )

4. And the most important: HAVE FUN! Happy threading!

taken from [livejournal.com profile] horizondressingwith some edits.



Today, you wake up inside a small, empty closet in which the air is most certainly contaminated with premium brand of grade A airborne aphrodisiac. Above the doors of the closet is a digital clock that reads "7:00" exactly. You do not know how long you have been inside this closet and, thus, it's almost impossible to tell how long you have been exposed to the aphro. No matter how much more time goes by, the clock does not change.

Then the doors open suddenly, but before you can make a move for them, another individual is shoved in with you, and the doors are shut and locked once again. Your unexpected "roommate" has also been drugged with the aphrodisiac and also does not know how long it has been since they were exposed. The only clue at all is how aroused you are and how difficult you find it not to engage in sexual acts with the person you have been paired up with.

Now, you realize that the clock that read "7:00" is not a clock at all — it's a timer, and it started counting down for exactly 7 minutes when the doors were shut again.

OBJECTIVE: All you have to do is wait it out for 7 full minutes with the other person inside the closet space. At the end of your 7 minutes, the closet doors will automatically unlock and open, releasing you both. Aphro or no aphro, it seems easy, right? Well, there's a catch; each and every time you two touch each other, the timer completely starts over.

Whether you want to get out of the closet or not, good luck!

Post with your character's name, fandom, and pairing preferences, if you have any, in the subject line of your comment. You can either make up a little scenario for your character or leave it blank and let others surprise you!

Feel free to specify how much aphro your character has been given in the subject line!

Have fun and play nice!

[originally from The Love Hotel]
01 May 2012 @ 09:10 pm
[shit what the hell is going on here what i am i doing in a place where minglers mingle


but anyway on the important stuff. there's a strange shift in the universe caused by too many moeblobs going critical mass in the same area (CHROME DUKURO, FATASS WALKING DEAD MAN IN HOOKER BOOTS, I'M LOOKING AT YOU) and now everyone

yes, everyone

is definitely a baby animal of some kind. YEAH YOU HERD HEARD ME. everyone is now a kawaii as fuck little baby animal frolicking in this woodland glade and we're going to have some fucking woodland creature adventures. by which i mean hibari is going to eat you all.

27 March 2012 @ 07:56 pm
[hi kids it's that time again
what time is that you ask? well that's a very good question. because i don't think we've done this before so it's actually not that time again at all. it's just that time, the first time. and that time is this.


14 February 2012 @ 01:46 pm

                                                       --sugar is sweet, and so are you.

So it goes, anyway. ♥ And things sure are looking sweet, with all that candy spread out on the table (candy hearts; be mine, you're cute, etc and so on). But be warned: taking candy from strangers has its consequences! But go ahead, you deserve a treat. ♥ Be sure to roll a number to see what side effect you get!

01. BE MINE: You are now madly in love with the first person you set eyes on. What better time to confess than today? Don't be shy, love is in the air. ♥
02. HOLD HANDS: Careful! Those sticky sweet fingers of yours will get you in trouble. Or maybe not. Whatever it is, you are now stuck holding hands with the next person you touch. Literally. The only way to free yourself is with a kiss!
03. LET'S KISS: Self explanatory! Be it a shy peck on the cheek, or a brush against the corner of the mouth, or even a long, lingering kiss-- you'll want it & you'll stop at nothing to get it!
04. SWEETHEART: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Is that a ticket, because you've got fine written all over you! Corny pick-up lines are the only platitudes falling from your mouth today.
05. FOREVER ALONE: Let's face it. You'll never fall in (requited) love, and what better day to lament it than on the most lovey-dovey day of the year? Spontaneous tears and rambling soliloquies to anyone and everyone about how you'll never find true love included.